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Sesame Paste – White

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White Sesame Seeds


473ml/16 ounce x 6


Nutty, Subtle Natural Sweetness


Light Gold


Shelf Stable, See Best By Date – Refrigerate After Opening




Contains Sesame Seeds As An Ingredient

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White Sesame Oil

nouka White Sesame Oil is produced by extracting the oil from the sesame seeds using the time honored pressure extraction method without roasting the seeds. The result is a very versatile, bright, flavorful oil suitable for everyday purposes. It has a pleasant subdued nuttiness on the pallet and can be used in almost any application.
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Golden Sesame Oil

Pressure-extracted from carefully selected sesame seeds that have been toasted at a low heat. This technique is time honored but necessary to produce the quality that Nouka Golden Sesame Oil is known for. Although it is time consuming, it is the traditional method. Nouka sesame oil is appreciated for its unique nuttiness, amber color and deep aroma.
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Sesame Paste – Black

Nouka Black Sesame Paste is created using a time honored method of first selecting the highest quality black sesame seeds, then slowly boiling the seeds followed by a proprietary grinding method which results in a superb paste that is both uniquely fragrant and has a pleasant mouthfeel.